“Joint bilateral upsampling” by Kopf, Cohen, Lischinski and Uyttendaele

  • ©Johannes Kopf, Michael Cohen, Daniel (Dani) Lischinski, and Matt Uyttendaele




    Joint bilateral upsampling



    Image analysis and enhancement tasks such as tone mapping, colorization, stereo depth, and photomontage, often require computing a solution (e.g., for exposure, chromaticity, disparity, labels) over the pixel grid. Computational and memory costs often require that a smaller solution be run over a downsampled image. Although general purpose upsampling methods can be used to interpolate the low resolution solution to the full resolution, these methods generally assume a smoothness prior for the interpolation.We demonstrate that in cases, such as those above, the available high resolution input image may be leveraged as a prior in the context of a joint bilateral upsampling procedure to produce a better high resolution solution. We show results for each of the applications above and compare them to traditional upsampling methods.


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