“ISHair: importance sampling for hair scattering” by Ou, Xie, Krishnamachari and Pellacini

  • ©Jiawei Ou, Feng Xie, Parashar Krishnamachari, and Fabio Pellacini




    ISHair: importance sampling for hair scattering



    We present an importance sampling method for the bidirectional scattering distribution function (bsdf) of hair, based on the multi-lobe hair scattering model presented in [Sadeghi et al. 2010]. Our algorithm is efficient, easy to implement and it has no significant memory overhead or need for precomputation. We have integrated our method into both a research raytracer and a micropolygon based production renderer. Figure 1 compares the rendering quality of our method to statified uniform sampling for both direct (environment) lighting rendered with our production renderer and indirect lighting rendered with path tracing. In both cases, our method delivers significantly better image quality than uniform sampling using the same number of samples.


    1. Sadeghi, I., Pritchett, H., Jensen, H. W., and Tamstorf, R. 2010. An artist friendly hair shading system. ACM Transactions on Graphics 29, 4 (July), 56:1–56:10.

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