“Introduction to Computer Graphics” by Booth, Cowan, Field, Forsey and Wein

  • ©Kellogg S. Booth, William B. Cowan, Daniel Field, David Forsey, and Marceli Wein



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    Introduction to Computer Graphics

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    Who should attend?

    This introductory course is aimed at managers, potential users and technical people who need an overview of the subject.

    Recommended background

    This course requires no background in computer graphics. Familiarity with computers, some knowledge of programming and of high school math will be assumed.

    Course description

    This course will present a broad introduction to computer graphics. Vector and raster display systems, input devices, hardcopy devices, interactive techniques, human factors, the organization and content of graphics packages and visible surface processing will be discussed. Applications such as animation, CAD/CAM/CAE and cartography will be described briefly. This course will close with a discussion of the trends in computer graphics.

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    Pete Segal

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