“Interactive Virtual Reality Orchestral Music” by Zhang, Tao, Shen and Clayton

  • ©YanXiang Zhang, Li Tao, YiRun Shen, and Elieisar Clayton



Entry Number: 15


    Interactive Virtual Reality Orchestral Music



    The authors developed a VR orchestral application for interactive music experience, allowing virtual musical instruments in an orchestral piece to be repositioned spatially, dynamically and interactively in VR space. This can be done for changing environments where 3D audio technology is used to restructure traditional orchestral pieces into a new music art form. User experience surveys were undertaken on two kinds of users, with the results showing that the VR orchestral system developed in this paper could bring some special advantages in the musical experience.


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    The work is supported by Ministry of Education (China) Humanities and Social Sciences Research Foundation under Grant No.: 19A10358002


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