“Interactive Tree Illustration Generation System” by Mama, Morimoto and Nakajima

  • ©Azusa Mama, Yuki Morimoto, and Katsuto Nakajima

  • ©Azusa Mama, Yuki Morimoto, and Katsuto Nakajima



Entry Number: 08


    Interactive Tree Illustration Generation System



    Modeling 3D trees is a major theme in the field of computer graphics [Steven et al. 2012]. However, there has been little research on generating illustrations of trees [Yu-Sheng et al. 2012]. One of the ways to generate them is to render their 3D models. However, it is difficult to obtain the characteristic flat representation of illustrations because of the concentration of foliage in the central part of the tree. We present a system to generate a wide variety of tree illustrations by controlling the density of branches, the shape of canopy, and the overlap of flowers and leaves (Fig. 1).


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