“Interactive Graphics for Transportation Systems Planning and Design” by Schneider

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    Interactive Graphics for Transportation Systems Planning and Design



    This paper summarizes the content and findings of a three-day seminar designed to explore and assess the potential utility of interactive computer graphics for application in the transportation systems planning and design fields. The seminar was structured around the concept of finding good matches between existing technology in the interactive graphics field (capabilities) with high priority and suitable problems in the transportation planning and design fields (needs). The basic objective was to define and specify, as clearly as possible, some guidelines for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation that could assist the formulation of a DOT development and demonstration program strategy for utilizing existing technology in the computer graphics area. The seminar was structured into two parts. The first was tutorial in nature and was designed to provide the participants with an up-to-date description of capabilities and limitations. The second was a review and critique of eight resource papers, prepared especially for and prior to the seminar, which together provided twenty-two recommended development/demonstration projects. Three other recommendations were received from other sources. All twenty-five projects received a priority rating of 1 to 4. Twelve projects were rated as Priority 1 or 2. A wide variety of other recommendations are also included. Fifty persons participated in the seminar, representing a wide variety of activities in both the public and private sectors of the transportation field.

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