“Interactive gaming tools, to acquire mouse control for illiterate and People with disability.” by Agravat

  • ©Bipin B. Agravat

  • ©Bipin B. Agravat




    Interactive gaming tools, to acquire mouse control for illiterate and People with disability.



    India is home to one-third the world’s non-literate. First step to introduce them with computer, user interface etc, is very necessary that they should have skill to relate the mouse movement with the work of the button and click or double click.

    To teach them the computer, interactive kiosk or any other issue is very tough for the instructed as well for the learner for the first time. Main problem we encounter is mouse control, synchronization of the mouse on physical level and correspondence to the cursory moment of the virtual world say per example screen.

    There is a dire need of the software an interactive technique, which can help to solve the problem at hand, make the illiterate and person with disability to grasp the skills necessary to learn first mouse control before going ahead. Also the Game or interface should be simple, effective and enjoyable experience for the users, unlike, complicated, boring and hard to understand the mouse moments, click etc.

    At our lab, we have begun using a interactive game or method for mouse control. we have found it very easy to teach the mass the first step towards the digital generation.


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