“Interactive Card Weaving Design and Construction” by Igarashi and Mitani

  • ©Yuki Igarashi and Jun Mitani

  • ©Yuki Igarashi and Jun Mitani

  • ©Yuki Igarashi and Jun Mitani



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    Interactive Card Weaving Design and Construction



    Weaving is a method of fabric production, consisting of two distinct sets of yarns (warp and weft). It is popular and similar to other fabric production methods, such as knitting, felting, and lace making. In particular, ‘card weaving’ is a very simple and easy weaving method. The user prepares nothing more than colored yarns and simple cardboard squares with four holes [Crockett 1991]. The user can produce exquisitely patterned woven bands, such as ribbons, straps, and hair accessories. However, the textile patterns are typically designed via a laborious manual process. The final textile design is determined by 1) the color of each warp yarn, 2) the direction of four yarns passing through each card, and 3) the direction and number of rotations of the cards.


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