“Interacting with the GALATEA film analysis system” by Potel and Sayre

  • ©Mike J. Potel and Rick E. Sayre




    Interacting with the GALATEA film analysis system



    GALATEA is an interactive animated graphics system providing a tool for the man-machine analysis of moving images recorded on film. The system relies on the user’s recognition of phenomena of interest and his manipulation of simple graphical objects to build up a kinegram, an animated representationof the film. Display of the kinegram superimposed on the original film facilitates the entry and refinement of the animation. The net result is an analysis by synthesis. In this paper we describe the current production version of GALATEA from the standpoint of the user. Included are a functional description of the constituent hardware, demonstration of various aspects of system behavior, and some examples of interactions common in user applications.


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