“Intelligent Tools for Creative Graphics” by Mitra, Umetani and Koyama

  • ©Niloy J. Mitra, Nobuyuki Umetani, and Yuki Koyama



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    Intelligent Tools for Creative Graphics

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    In recent years, much research has been dedicated to the development of “intelligent tools” that can assist both professionals as well as novices in the process of creation. Using the computational power of the machine, and involving advanced techniques, the tools handle complex and tedious tasks that were dicult or even impossible for humans, thereby freeing the human creator of many constraints and allowing her to concentrate on the creative process, while ensuring high-quality and valid design. This course is aimed at presenting some of the key technologies used to assist interactive creative processes. The course allows researchers and practitioners to understand these techniques more deeply, and possibly inspire them to research this subject and create intelligent tools themselves. More specifically, the course will concentrate on four main enabling technologies: geometric reasoning, physical constraints, data-driven techniques and machine learning, and crowdsourcing. In each of these areas the course will survey several recent papers and works and provide examples of using these in the creation of a variety of outputs: 3D models, animations, images, videos and more.

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