“Information Visualization” by Card, Eick and Gershon

  • ©Stuart Card, Stephen G. Eick, and Nahum D. Gershon



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    Information Visualization



    Visual representation of information requires merging of data visualization methods, computer graphics, design, and imagination. In contrast with scientific spatial data, information spaces are abstract and different from physical data spaces and thus require different visualization approaches. This course describes the emerging field of information visualization including visualizing retrieved information from large document collections (e.g., digital libraries), the World Wide Web, and databases. The course highlights the process of producing effective visualizations, making sense of information, taking users’ needs into account, and illustrating good practical visualization procedures in specific case studies. More specifically, the course will cover the following topics:

    • What is visualization including examples driving research and development
    • Visualization and interaction techniques
    • Perceptual basis of information visualization
    • Case studies including the WWW
    • Conclusions and discussion



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