“Industrial Light & Magic Presents: The Visual Effects of “Battleship”” by Cofer, Smythe, McIntosh and Geiger

  • ©Grady Cofer, Douglas (Doug) B. Smythe, Glen McIntosh, and Willi Geiger




    Industrial Light & Magic Presents: The Visual Effects of “Battleship”


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    Industrial Light & Magic


    A behind-the-scenes look at Peter Berg’s blockbuster sci-fi epic “Battleship”. The ILM production team reviews the film’s various challenges and describes why it was necessary to revamp the studio’s award-winning fluid-simulation system. Also, advances in CG destruction and simulation technology required to accurately depict everything from a resurrected World War II battleship to a fleet of modern-day naval ships, not to mention aliens and their formidable fleet of spacecraft.

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