“Implementation of an interactive computer graphics environment at NASA/JSC” by Lang, Cohen, Eschenberg, Ochs, Stocker, et al. …

  • ©M. S. Lang, R. L. Cohen, K. E. Eschenberg, J. B. Ochs, Frederick R. Stocker, J. L. Raney, and B. F. Stuckey




    Implementation of an interactive computer graphics environment at NASA/JSC



    The implementation of visually-oriented software for graphics support on the high-performance computer graphics hardware at NASA’s Johnson Space Center is the latest step in the evolution of an interactive computer applications technology being developed by the Computer Graphics Group at The Applied Research Laboratory of Penn State University. This technology is designed to aid the typical scientist or engineer in learning and using computer graphics productively, including writing his own programs and interfacing to software specialists who will write and maintain his programs. Key aspects of the current development include the creation and incorporation of a visually-oriented learning package for graphics geometric perception and graphics programming, as well as a sophisticated control environment which aids the user in obtaining a quick understanding of and access to the system. Preliminary results indicate that this software support can substantially reduce the startup time for a novice graphics user with some background in Fortran.


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