“Immersive Visualization in K-12 Education” by Eggers, Mazur and Lio

  • ©Derek C. Eggers, Joan M. Mazur, and Cindy H. Lio




    Immersive Visualization in K-12 Education



    In this presentation we review prior research of immersive visualization technology for K-12 educational settings, discuss current research, affordable technology and effective strategies to support K-12 education with immersive displays. Open dialog is encouraged among participants to identify and discuss challenges, solutions, and explore future directions. Costs of immersive visualization displays, invasiveness of devices, interactivity, mobility and re-deploy ability of displays, selecting appropriate content applications, content development, and integration with teachers and curriculum are among topics addressed. Present work at the University of Kentucky’s Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments is featured using commodity based collaboratively rendered environments suitable for educational settings and diverse populations.


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