“Imagery, Symbolism, and Human Consciousness” by McDiffett, Carpenter, Eskenazi and Kammen

  • ©Bruce McDiffett, Loren C. Carpenter, Loren Eskenazi, and Carole Kammen



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    Imagery, Symbolism, and Human Consciousness

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    None. Since this is an attempt to build a bridge to a new domain previously outside the SIGGRAPH experience, the course provides everything necessary for the journey, and doesn’t require prior knowledge of what’s on the other side. Familiarity with analytic psychology is helpful. More helpful still: a willingness to relax one’s preconceptions and a desire to see the world in new ways.

    Symbolism; different forms of perception; consciousness and the unconscious; analytic psychology; dreamwork; mythology; mathematics, physics, computation, and the origin of time; use of imagery in medicine and healing; deeper symbolic communication in film and television; collective consciousness of groups; questions of personal responsibility as creators of images; examining SIGGRAPH itself through its own imagery; how images and self-reflection tell us about ourselves.

    Computer graphics is old enough to be entering mid-life, the years when humans start looking for deeper relevance and meaning, when we start asking ourselves “why?” This course opens a door to the symbolic realm where our images can lead us to those answers.


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