“Image-Based Tomographic Reconstruction of Flames”

  • ©Ivo Ihrke and Marcus Magnor

  • ©Ivo Ihrke and Marcus Magnor

  • ©Ivo Ihrke and Marcus Magnor

  • ©Ivo Ihrke and Marcus Magnor




    Image-Based Tomographic Reconstruction of Flames



    Non-invasively determining the three-dimensional structure of real flames is a challenging task. We present a tomographic method for reconstructing a volumetric model from multiple images of fire. The method is similar to sparse-view computerized tomography and is applicable to static camera setups observing dynamic flames. Using an algebraic reconstruction method, we can restrict the solution space such that a high quality model is obtained from only a small number of camera images. An additional advantage is fast processing of multi-video sequences to generate time-varying models for animation purposes. The resulting three-dimensional fire model is useful for realistic rendering of fire animations, as well as for analyzing gasdynamics of fires.


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