“Image-based illumination for electronic display of artistic paintings” by Ju, Yoo, Seo, Sharp and Lee

  • ©Da Young Ju, Jin-Ho Yoo, Kyoung Chin Seo, Gregory Sharp, and Sang Wook Lee



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    Image-based illumination for electronic display of artistic paintings

Session/Category Title:   Lighting



    Visual impressions from two-dimensional artistic paintings greatly vary under different illumination conditions, but this effect has been largely overlooked in most poster productions and electronic display. The light-dependent impressions are more pronounced in oil paintings and they arise mainly from the non-diffuse specular reflectances. We present an efficient method of representing the variability of lighting conditions on artistic paintings utilizing both simple empirical reflectance models and an image-based lighting method. The Lambertian and Phong models account for a significant portion of image variations depending on illumination directions, and residual intensity and color variations that cannot be explained by the reflection models are processed in a manner that is similar to the image-based lighting methods. Our technique allows brush strokes and paint materials to be clearly visible with relatively low data dimensionality.

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