“ILM Facial Performance Capture”

  • ©Brian Cantwell, Paige Warner, Michael Koperwas, and Kiran S. Bhat

  • ©Brian Cantwell, Paige Warner, Michael Koperwas, and Kiran S. Bhat



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    ILM Facial Performance Capture



    Industrial Light & Magic utilized facial capture technology on a massive scale to bring more than two dozen computer-generated characters to life in the new Warcraft, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Star Wars films. Here we present our flexible proprietary facial capture system which was used to faithfully translate all the subtle nuances, lip movements, and saccades of over 1200 facial performances onto editable, artist-friendly animation rigs, and ultimately the big screen.


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    The authors would like to thank Jeff White, Jason Smith, Hal Hickel, Nigel Sumner, Duncan Jones, Bill Westenhofer, Pablo Hel- man, Robert Weaver, Kevin Martel, Shawn Kelly, Paul Giacoppo, Jung-Seung Hong, Owen Calouro, Kate Lee, Andy Ritchie, So- nia Contreras, Sheila SanSantos, Clint Spillers, Alex Aponte, Matt Rank, Glenn Derry, the talented artists and engineers at ILM, and all of our actors, whose great performances drive everything we do.


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