“Illumination sensitive dynamic virtual sets” by deDecker, Nii, Hashimoto, Moore, Summet, et al. …

  • ©Bert deDecker, Hideaki Nii, Yuki Hashimoto, Dylan Moore, Jay Summet, Yong Zhao, Jonathan Westhues, Paul H. Dietz, John Barnwell, Masahiko Inami, Philippe Bekaert, and Ramesh Raskar


    We describe a novel motion capture method that is sensitive to incident illumination. We will demonstrate the corresponding system at Emerging Technologies at Siggraph 2007. In this sketch, we focus on the key technical and implementation contributions involved in building a real-time special effects system where a prop is turned into a virtual sword with appropriate orientation and incident illumination.


    1. Robertson, B. 2006. Big moves. In Computer Graphics World 29, 11 (Nov).

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