“Illumination decomposition for material recoloring with consistent interreflections” by Carroll, Ramamoorthi and Agrawala

  • ©Robert Carroll, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Maneesh Agrawala




    Illumination decomposition for material recoloring with consistent interreflections



    Changing the color of an object is a basic image editing operation, but a high quality result must also preserve natural shading. A common approach is to first compute reflectance and illumination intrinsic images. Reflectances can then be edited independently, and recomposed with the illumination. However, manipulating only the reflectance color does not account for diffuse interreflections, and can result in inconsistent shading in the edited image. We propose an approach for further decomposing illumination into direct lighting, and indirect diffuse illumination from each material. This decomposition allows us to change indirect illumination from an individual material independently, so it matches the modified reflectance color. To address the underconstrained problem of decomposing illumination into multiple components, we take advantage of its smooth nature, as well as user-provided constraints. We demonstrate our approach on a number of examples, where we consistently edit material colors and the associated interreflections.


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