“Hyper-paint: a possible software-toy” by Fujiki and Tomimatsu

  • ©Jun Fujiki and Kiyoshi Tomimatsu

  • ©Jun Fujiki and Kiyoshi Tomimatsu




    Hyper-paint: a possible software-toy



    We propose herein a new type of software-toy, called “Hyper-Paint”, that combines the use of blocks and drawing in order to investigate the possibility of realizing a software-toy that offers the advantages of a computer for creating expressions that are difficult to create in real world (Figure 1).While block toys, such as LEGO, and drawing toys are well-known traditional children’s toys, expressions of such toys by computer and software techniques have only recently appeared [1-4]. We proposed Hyper-Paint that combines a block toy and a drawing toy, that expression is hard in real world. Using Hyper-Paint, the user can create 3D objects consisting of blocks that can then be pasted into a large box representing the surroundings, both of which can be colored. In this sketch, we describe herein the features of Hyper-Paint and discuss the software from a design viewpoint.


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