“Hydrogen wishes” by Burleson, Nemirovsky and Overholt

  • ©Winslow Burleson, Paul Nemirovsky, and Dan Overholt




    Hydrogen wishes



    Hydrogen Wishes, presented at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies, explores the themes of wishes and peace. It dramatizes the intimacy and power of transforming one’s breath and vocalized wishes into a floating sphere, a bubble charged with hydrogen. The floating bubble represents transitory anticipation as a wish is sent on its trajectory toward fulfillment. Light, heat sensors, microphones, projected imagery, hydrogen and ordinary soap bubbles come together in this exploration of human aspiration. As in our lives, many wishes escape, but many others are catalyzed by the heat of the candle and become ethereal. The fulfilled wishes then become living artifacts within projected photographs of Earth cities as seen from outer space.


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