“How to Lie and Confuse with Visualization” Moderated by

  • ©James M. Coggins, Paul R. Edholm, Al Globus, and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran



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    How to Lie and Confuse with Visualization

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    As in other fields such as statistics and cartography, it is also possible to misrepresent data in visualization. Most of the time, it is done unintentionally and it goes unnoticed. But traps await the unwary. The panel discusses this issue and educates the visualization and computer graphics communities about these potential traps. Topics include the use of color, interpolation, smoothing, boundaries, and shading. The panel and audience also debate whether there are ways to judge the degree of “lying” in visualization, and how to prevent inadvertent misrepresentations. 

    The audience and the public are encouraged to submit samples of slides and video material illustrating visualization “lies.” Contributions should be sent to Nahum Gershon, The MITRE Corporation, 7525 Colshire Dr., McLean, VA22102, 703.883.7518orgershon@mitre.org. 

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