“How Personal Video Navigation History can be Visualized” by Al-Hajri, Fong, Miller and Fels

  • ©Abir Al-Hajri, Matthew Fong, Gregor Miller, and Sidney Fels

  • ©Abir Al-Hajri, Matthew Fong, Gregor Miller, and Sidney Fels

  • ©Abir Al-Hajri, Matthew Fong, Gregor Miller, and Sidney Fels



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    How Personal Video Navigation History can be Visualized



    Video navigation histories are a simple archive that a person can use to easily find a previously viewed video interval. They may navigate to the exact location within the original video simply by clicking on the references within their history. This provides the user with a record for historical navigation and removes much of the burden of relying on memory. This history offers users multiple applications such as video chaptering, monitoring their own navigation behaviour, re-watching clips, sharing clips, video summarization, creating highlight reels and even advanced applications such as video authoring [Fong et al. 2014]. However, finding previously viewed content in a navigation history is often a difficult task due to the design, organization, and volume of information to visualize. This issue has received significant attention within the context of web browsing histories, but little attention has been paid to video navigation history.

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