“Hot Topics in 3D Medical Visualization” by Kindlmann and Aylward

  • ©Gordon Kindlmann and Stephen Aylward



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    Hot Topics in 3D Medical Visualization

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    A good working knowledge of basic 3D computer graphics and an understanding of the basic principles of image processing. Some familiarity with medical terminology or experience working on a clinical project is useful, but not necessary.

    Intended Audience
    Members of the graphics community who are interested in expanding their research directions toward medicine. Researchers interested in learning about the rewards and difficulties of working on open-source 3D visualization software in medical applications.

    Recent open-source research initiatives have created new APIs for complex data analysis. Combined with computer graphics, these tools become powerful applications for computer-assisted medicine. This tutorial covers medical applications, data analysis, and visualization, and touches on the policies and digital infrastructure for engaging in open-source software development.


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