“Hierarchical B-spline refinement” by Forsey and Bartels

  • ©David Forsey and Richard H. Bartels




    Hierarchical B-spline refinement



    Refinement is usually advocated as a means of gaining finer control over a spline curve or surface during editing. For curves, refinement is a local process. It permits the change of control vertices and subsequent editing of the detail in one region of the curve while leaving control vertices in other regions unaffected. For tensor-product surfaces, however, refinement is not local in the sense that it causes control vertices far from a region of interest to change as well as changing the control vertices that influence the region. However, with some care and understanding it is possible to restrict the influence of refinement to the locality at which an editing effect is desired. We present a method of localizing the effect of refinement through the use of overlays, which are hierarchically controlled subdivisions. We also introduce two editing techniques that are effective when using overlays: one is direct surface manipulation through the use of edit points and the other is offset referencing of control vertices.


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