“Heart, Sweat and Tears: Nimona’s Journey To The Screen” by Kemp, Hug, Dekker, Bamboo Wang and Ty

  • ©Anthony Kemp, Avril Hug, Johan Dekker, Zhujun Bamboo Wang, and Ted Ty




    Heart, Sweat and Tears: Nimona’s Journey To The Screen



    METALLLLLLLLLL! Nimona is here! And the journey from best-selling graphic novel to full-length animated feature was an adventure on par with our namesake’s. Join the DNEG Animation team as they talk through the experience of picking up a special film with tender hearts and hands from Blue Sky Studios, and carrying it through to the finish line.

    Our chosen family will share the triumphs, woes, and snafus that the heroic task required, including a hand-crafted pipeline and a team of 500 incredibly talented artists worldwide. From the construction of a sweeping techno-medieval city full of flying carriages and advanced MGFX to accentuated character performances, wimple simulation, and yes, whale snot. This brings us to the epic third act that required everything from everyone, but especially our FX team. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    This is a story about guts, glory, transformation, and most of all – as reflected in our very on-the-nose show code – HEART.

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