“Hand Tools or Head Tools?” Moderated by Robin Baker

  • ©Alison Black, Gillian Crampton Smith, Bill Verplank, and Marc Canter



Entry Number: 07


    Hand Tools or Head Tools?




    Designers in large-firms use computers where production as well as concept is an important part of the budget. In comparison, small firms where services like typesetting have often been done outside the firm, use computer tools less widely. 

    In effect, designers have been offered tools for production-” tools for the hand”-whereas “tools for the head” would enable them to design better, rather than simply allowing them to produce work faster. This panel discusses the effects of the present generation of computer tools, the organization’s approach to working, and the design process. It considers how universities, design firms, and hardware and software manufacturers might work together to develop design tools of the future so computers can be used to their full potential. 

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