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    Graphical Data Bases

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    People with a background in either computer graphics or data bases will find this tutorial informative. Those with a graphics background will learn about their new management information system responsibilities. Those with a MlS background will see how they have a tool which can help them with data integrity as well as making the data useful to management.


    Data bases and graphics have grown up in different traditions; however, with the emphasis on Information Resource Management, graphics is recognized as crucial to both the presentation and the interrogation of information. Graphics becomes the means by which information is presented to the board of directors as well as the technique by which the analyst examines the data in order to determine what to show to the board. Graphics is the way that executives who have paid for all the data bases and associated computing activities can benefit from those expenditures. Both board member and analyst can review information much faster when presented in graphical form. Case studies will be used to demonstrate the benefits and conflicts that occur when graphics and data bases are brought together. Trade-offs between various implementation strategies will be examined. Recent offerings which link graphics and data base systems, such as IDMS and System 2000, will be discussed.

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