“Globally optimal direction fields” by Knöppel, Crane, Pinkall and Schröder

  • ©Felix Knöppel, Keenan Crane, Ulrich Pinkall, and Peter Schröder




    Globally optimal direction fields

Session/Category Title: Surfaces & Differential Geometry




    We present a method for constructing smooth n-direction fields (line fields, cross fields, etc.) on surfaces that is an order of magnitude faster than state-of-the-art methods, while still producing fields of equal or better quality. Fields produced by the method are globally optimal in the sense that they minimize a simple, well-defined quadratic smoothness energy over all possible configurations of singularities (number, location, and index). The method is fully automatic and can optionally produce fields aligned with a given guidance field such as principal curvature directions. Computationally the smoothest field is found via a sparse eigenvalue problem involving a matrix similar to the cotan-Laplacian. When a guidance field is present, finding the optimal field amounts to solving a single linear system.


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