“Geometric Data Structures for Computer Graphics” by Zachmann and Langetepe

  • ©Gabriel Zachmann and Elmar Langetepe


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    Geometric Data Structures for Computer Graphics

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    Familiarity with the basic principles of computer graphics and typical problems in the field. This course is designed for practitioners working in 3D computer graphics (VR, CAD/CAM, animation, etc.) and advanced students in both computer graphics and computational geometry.

    Geometric data structures (quadtrees, Voronoi/Delaunay diagrams, distance fields, and bounding volume hierarchies). Algorithms and applications (terrain visualization, iso-surfaces, point location, texture synthesis, NURBS tesselation, motion planning, modeling, collision detection, occlusion culling, and a generic dynamization technique).

    This course provides working knowledge of essential geometric data structures and their elegant use in several representative and current areas of research in computer graphics: terrain visualization, texture synthesis, modeling, and others. Attendees learn to recognize geometric problems and acquire thorough understanding of suitable algorithms.

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