“Generations of Houdini in Film” by Failes, Bredow, Estela, Hodgkins, Kaschalk, et al. …

  • ©Ian Failes, Rob Bredow, Matt Estela, Mark Hodgkins, Michael Kaschalk, and Andy Hayes




    Generations of Houdini in Film


Project Affiliation:

    Industrial Light & Magic, DNeg, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Framestore, and UTS Animal Logic Academy


    In 1996, SideFX released Houdini version 1.0, bringing the power of procedural methods to visual effects artists around the world. This year, more than two decades since Houdini’s original release, SideFX was awarded a Scientific and Technical Academy Award of Merit to recognize its continual innovation and dedication to visual effects artists.
    This panel, moderated by Ian Failes, brings together multiple generations of creative leadership – from those who embraced the initial release of Houdini, to artists who have more recently discovered Houdini’s procedural methods. Join this international group from ILM, DNeg, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Framestore and UTS Animal Logic Academy, to hear unique perspectives as they tell stories from the past to the present, and look ahead to the future of computer graphics.


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