“Generalized motorcycle graphs for imperfect quad-dominant meshes” by Schertler, Panozzo, Gumhold and Tarini

  • ©Nico Schertler, Daniele Panozzo, Stefan Gumhold, and Marco Tarini

  • ©Nico Schertler, Daniele Panozzo, Stefan Gumhold, and Marco Tarini



Entry Number: 155


    Generalized motorcycle graphs for imperfect quad-dominant meshes

Session/Category Title:   An Atlas for the World and Other Surfaces




    We introduce a practical pipeline to create UV T-layouts for real-world quad dominant semi-regular meshes. Our algorithm creates large rectangular patches by relaxing the notion of motorcycle graphs and making it insensitive to local irregularities in the mesh structure such as non-quad elements, redundant irregular vertices, T-junctions, and others. Each surface patch, which can contain multiple singularities and/or polygonal elements, is mapped to an axis-aligned rectangle, leading to a simple and efficient UV layout, which is ideal for texture mapping (allowing for mipmapping and artifact-free bilinear interpolation). We demonstrate that our algorithm is an ideal solution for both recent semi-regular, quad-dominant meshing methods, and for the low-poly meshes typically used in games and movies.


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