“Gazing at Games: Using Eye Tracking to Control Virtual Characters” by Sundstedt

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    Gazing at Games: Using Eye Tracking to Control Virtual Characters

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    This introduction to attention, eye movements, and eye-tracking technologies summarizes previous work in the field of gaze in gaming and presents two case studies in which gaze and voice were combined to control virtual characters and their behavior. The first case study, The Revenge of the Killer Penguins, is a third-person adventure-puzzle game that combines non-intrusive eye-tracking technology and voice recognition to create novel game features. The second case study, Rabbit Run, is a first-person maze game created to compare gaze and voice input with traditional techniques, such as mouse and keyboard controls. The course reviews the lessons learned in these case studies and issues relating to incorporating eye tracking in games. It also proposes ideas for how this field can be developed further to create richer interaction for characters and crowds in virtual environments.

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