“Gaze-Based Drawing Assistant” by Chen, Huang and Wu

  • ©Mon-Chu Chen, Yi-Ching Huang, and Kuan-Ying Wu

  • ©Mon-Chu Chen, Yi-Ching Huang, and Kuan-Ying Wu

  • ©Mon-Chu Chen, Yi-Ching Huang, and Kuan-Ying Wu



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    Gaze-Based Drawing Assistant



    Recent works show that digital tools can effectively assist users to create more accurate drawings corresponding to the reference images. iCanDraw uses face recognition to understand the given face image, compares with the sketch analysis of the user’s drawing, and then provides corrective feedbacks [Dixon et al. 2010]. The Drawing Assistant provides further corrective guidance by extracting construction lines from any photos [Iarussi et al. 2013]. Instead of a given photo, ShadowDraw offers freeform drawing guidance by providing shadows derived from the blends of relevant images from a large image database [Lee et al. 2011]. While the user continues to sketch, ShadowDraw adapts to the users’ drawings in real-time and dynamically generates suggestions accordingly. Although those systems provide useful drawing instructions, the guidance seems to focus on the fitness of the user’s drawing and the reference image. In a perfect scenario, two users following the guidance exactly may result in two very similar sketches.
    In this work, we aim to provide drawing guidance that could accommodate different ways of observations, interpretations and drawing styles. Rather than providing guidance on how to draw, we project the eye gaze patterns onto the canvas to support visual memory aids on what to draw. Users are able to keep their usual way of observation and drawing, while improving the proportion and perspective, which are typical problems for beginners.


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