“Gap Processing for Adaptive Maximal Poisson-Disk Sampling” by Yan and Wonka

  • ©Dong-Ming Yan and Peter Wonka




    Gap Processing for Adaptive Maximal Poisson-Disk Sampling

Session/Category Title:   Sampling




    In this article, we study the generation of maximal Poisson-disk sets with varying radii. First, we present a geometric analysis of gaps in such disk sets. This analysis is the basis for maximal and adaptive sampling in Euclidean space and on manifolds. Second, we propose efficient algorithms and data structures to detect gaps and update gaps when disks are inserted, deleted, moved, or when their radii are changed. We build on the concepts of regular triangulations and the power diagram. Third, we show how our analysis contributes to the state-of-the-art in surface remeshing.


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