“Frontiers Talk: Haptics : A Touch of the Metaverse” by Lopes and Colonnese

  • ©Pedro Lopes and Nicholas Colonnese




    Frontiers Talk: Haptics : A Touch of the Metaverse



    The possibility of touching the metaverse has captured not only the interest of researchers & industry but even the attention of consumers. However, haptics is passing through a critical challenge that graphics just went through. Not only do we need to see virtual objects, but also physical objects. This is what happened as graphics moved from virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR). Yet, haptics is still at its infancy to explore this phase transition. For instance, gloves for VR come at a substantial cost, since areas of the hand with which we often interact with physical objects are obstructed, preventing us from feeling naturally occurring touch sensations or to perform important manual tasks in the Metaverse. In this session, we will explore how Haptics can help make experiences in the Metaverse more immersive.


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