“From “Shrek” to “Shrek the Third”: Evolution of CG Characters in the “Shrek” Films” by Doepp, Peterson, Waltman, Modesto, Cutler, et al. …

  • ©David Doepp, Scott Peterson, Jason Waltman, Lucia Modesto, Larry Cutler, and Bill Seneshen



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    From "Shrek" to "Shrek the Third": Evolution of CG Characters in the "Shrek" Films

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    A basic understanding of the principles of computer graphics and 3D animation. Recommended: attendees should have seen the animated features “Shrek,” “Shrek2,” and “Shrek the Third.”

    Intended Audience
    Attendees who have an interest in the technical aspects of production of 3D animated feature films and who have a basic understanding of computer-generated animation.

    Unique insights into how “Shrek” characters evolved over three films. The speakers, who have held key positions on all “Shrek” productions, will discuss the choices that helped keep the “Shrek” franchise unique, as well as the challenges of constantly adapting to new technical and creative demands.



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