“From Post-it to Post Production, The Uncompromising Journey of “The Book of Life”” by Gutiérrez, Minaya, Schillaci and Mandell

  • ©Jorge Gutiérrez, Glo Minaya, Augusto Schillaci, and Wes Mandell




    From Post-it to Post Production, The Uncompromising Journey of “The Book of Life”


Project Affiliation:

    Reel FX Creative Studios


    Key project supervisors present a unique behind-the-scenes exploration of the visually inspiring, Golden Globe-nominated feature “The Book of Life.” Art, animation, CG, and VFX leads explain working with the director’s unique, stylized artistic vision and translating it into 3D: highly stylized wooden characters rich in culture and symbolism; mythological characters made of wax, tar, and sugar; and fantastical worlds with a unique animated look.
    The director guides attendees through an in-depth look at the ideas behind the design of the film and the color-script development from art to lighting. The head of animation summarizes breathing life into magical wooden characters through innovative rigging and animation techniques. The CG supervisor reviews the procedural systems, and the lighting and texture challenges of bringing three fantastical, symbolically rich worlds to life. And the VFX supervisor discusses the complexity of maintaining the director’s unique vision from art to stereo.

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