“Foveated Displays: Toward Classification of the Emerging Field” by Spjut and Boudaoud

  • ©Josef Spjut and Ben Boudaoud

  • ©Josef Spjut and Ben Boudaoud

  • ©Josef Spjut and Ben Boudaoud



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    Foveated Displays: Toward Classification of the Emerging Field



    There is not yet consensus in the field on what constitutes a “foveated display”. We propose a compromise between the perspectives of rendering, imaging, physiology and vision science that defines a foveated display as a display designed to function in the context of user gaze. This definition enables us to describe 2 axes of foveation, gaze interaction and resolution distribution, which we then sub divide to provide useful categories for classification. We view this proposal as the start of a discussion among the community rather than a final taxonomy.


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    This work is the result of many heated discussions among members of the New Experiences Research group at NVIDIA and their col laborators, and is a compromise of many perspectives. This group includes Jonghyun Kim, Trey Greer, Rachel Albert, Joohwan Kim, Michael Stengel, Kaan Aksit, David Luebke, Alexander Majercik, Anjul Patney, Mark Kilgard, Morgan McGuire, Peter Shirley, Turner Whitted, Ward Lopes, Kishore Rathinavel, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Henry Fuchs and Fu-Chung Huang.


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