“Fortiche : Crafting the Bridge” by Llerena, Dupont, Baudry and Terreaux

  • ©Philippe Llerena, Hervé Dupont, Arnaud Baudry, and Remy Terreaux




    Fortiche : Crafting the Bridge



    This Production Session will be a conference held by members of Riot and Fortiche who had a key role on Arcane: Mr. DUPONT Hervé, Producer (Fortiche), Remy TERREAUX, Animation Supervisor (Fortiche), Phillippe LLERENA, CTO (Fortiche) and Arnaud BAUDRY, Production designer (Riot Games). This conference will tell you the story of the Arcane production, its pipeline and organization challenges, with creative focus on designs, adapting game visuals for a series, and animation, iconic champions acting in a Fortiche way, and the questions to face when starting to work on Season 2, actually in production.

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