“Fluid flow on interacting deformable surfaces” by Neill, Metoyer and Zhang

  • ©Patrick Neill, Ronald Metoyer, and Eugene Zhang

  • ©Patrick Neill, Ronald Metoyer, and Eugene Zhang




    Fluid flow on interacting deformable surfaces



    Fluid simulation on interacting deformation surfaces is a challenging problem with potential applications in engineering simulation, special effects for movies and games, and texture synthesis. We present a system in which the user can guide the fluid flow on surfaces that not only are deformable but also can collide with other objects in the scene. The motion and deformation of the underlying surfaces can be generated either procedurally or through interactive user design. We also describe a technique that renders the fluid on surfaces as a height field, which allows volumetric effects to be achieved through surface simulation.


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©Patrick Neill, Ronald Metoyer, and Eugene Zhang

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