“Flow Simulations Using Particles: Bridging Computer Graphics and CFD” by Koumoutsakos, Cottet and Rossinelli

  • ©Petros Koumoutsakos, Georges-Henri Cottet, and Diego Rossinelli



Entry Number: 12


    Flow Simulations Using Particles: Bridging Computer Graphics and CFD



    Basic knowledge of particle methods and fluids. 

    This course reviews recent advances in flow simulations using particles with a focus on developing a bridge for using computer graphics algorithms and hardware to accelerate flow simulations of relevance to the CFD community. It describes advances in particle methods in a comparative, case study-driven framework and addresses, for example, visual realism in liquid simulations in relation to the accuracy of enforcing incompressibility constraints in smooth particle hydrodynamics and vortex methods. It also summarizes the advantages and drawbacks of using remeshing in particle simulations and presents techniques for effective handling of fluids interacting with solids and free surfaces.


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