“Fireballs in Shrek 2” by Lamorlette and Baer

  • ©Arnauld Lamorlette and Matt Baer

  • ©Arnauld Lamorlette and Matt Baer




    Fireballs in Shrek 2



    Once again, we had the opportunity to launch fireballs in the CG animated feature film Shrek 2. After a day of nursing cloth simulations, there is nothing more gratifying than launching huge flames of fiery goo into the air. The art direction for these fireballs added to the enjoyment.The goal was to develop a fireball effect that:• Integrates into the Shrek world and color palette,• Has a unique look, and• Is big, loud, and fun to watch.Working with these directives allowed us to create a fireball that was somewhat real without being bound by the limitations of physics. What we ended up with was a big flaming rock emitting an enormous thick black contrail.To achieve this effect we combined several tools that had been created or improved since the inital work done on the original movie Shrek.


    Additional Animation Credits: David Lipton


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