“Fast, Interpolationless Character Animation Through “Ephemeral” Rigging”

  • ©Raf Anzovin

  • ©Raf Anzovin



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    Fast, Interpolationless Character Animation Through "Ephemeral" Rigging



    present an alternative CG character animation methodology that eschews both keyframes and conventional hierarchical rigging. Primary rig controls have no hierarchy or built-in behavior-instead the animator calls for “ephemeral” rig behavior as needed. The system also facilitates “interpolationless” animation by removing keyframes as we know them, replacing them with discrete poses and inbetweening tools.


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    Thanks to Raffaele Fragapane, Tagore Smith, and Bay Raitt for an introduction to previously unknown concepts, Brian Kendall for timely advice, Brad Clark for encouragement, and Christoph Lendenfeld for saving me from the need to write my own onion skin tool.


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