“Fast-automatic 3D face generation using a single video camera” by Kubo, Maejima and Morishima

  • ©Hiroyuki Kubo, Akinobu Maejima, and Shigeo Morishima




    Fast-automatic 3D face generation using a single video camera



    Reconstructing a 3D face model only with a single camera without attaching landmarks and pattern projecting on a face is still a challenging task in computer vision and computer graphics. FaceGen [2011] is able to reconstruct 3D shape and texture from 2D single image based on 3D morphable model. Since the users have to determine of the facial feature points manually, the method does not work automatically. Moreover, it requires a couple of minutes to generate a 3D face model. Thus, the computational cost is not enough cheap for practical usage.


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