“FashionTex: Controllable Virtual Try-on with Text and Texture” by Lin, Zhao, Ning, Qiu, Wang, et al. …

  • ©Anran Lin, Nanxuan Zhao, Shuliang Ning, Yuda Qiu, Baoyuan Wang, and Xiaoguang Han




    FashionTex: Controllable Virtual Try-on with Text and Texture

Session/Category Title: Text-Guided Generation




    Virtual try-on attracts increasing research attention as a promising way for enhancing the user experience for online cloth shopping. Though existing methods can generate impressive results, users need to provide a well-designed reference image containing the target fashion clothes that often do not exist. To support user-friendly fashion customization in full-body portraits, we propose a multi-modal interactive setting by combining the advantages of both text and texture for multi-level fashion manipulation. With the carefully designed fashion editing module and loss functions, FashionTex framework can semantically control cloth types and local texture patterns without annotated pairwise training data. We further introduce an ID recovery module to maintain the identity of input portrait. Extensive experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of our proposed pipeline. Code for this paper are at https://github.com/picksh/FashionTex.


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