“Everybody’s an Effect: Scalable Volumetric Crowds on Pixar’s Elemental” by Kanyuk, Ouellet, Taylan, Moon and Reeves

  • ©Paul Kanyuk, Sasha Ouellet, Aksel Taylan, Arnold Moon, and William (Bill) T. Reeves




    Everybody's an Effect: Scalable Volumetric Crowds on Pixar's Elemental

Session/Category Title: Crowded House: Advances in Crowd Simulation



    Pixar’s “Elemental” is set in a world teeming with fire, air, earth, and water characters. By building a Houdini-Engine character pipeline based on blended simulation caches and extending our crowd pipeline to approximate non-skeletal deformation with blendshapes, we were able to animate, deform, and render an absurd number of voxels.

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