“Evaluation of Stretched Thread Lengths in Spinnability Simulations” by Mukai, Nishikawa and Chang

  • ©Nobuhiko Mukai, Taishi Nishikawa, and Youngha Chang

  • ©Nobuhiko Mukai, Taishi Nishikawa, and Youngha Chang



Entry Number: 62


    Evaluation of Stretched Thread Lengths in Spinnability Simulations



    In this paper, we report evaluation of thin stretched thread lengths in spinnability simulations. There are many previous studies related to viscoelastic fluid, however, there are few studies that represent “spinnability”, which is a feature that the material is stretched thin and long. Although some studies represented thread-forming property, they did not evaluate the stretched length of the material. We also tried to represent spinnability of viscoelastic fluid, however, the simulation results were not similar to a real material. Therefore, we try to perform spinnability simulations with three kinds of models, and evaluate stretched thread lengths by comparison of simulation results with a literature datum.


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