“Ephemeral Melody : Music Played with Wind and Bubbles” by Suzuki, Suzuki, Ariga, Iida and Arakawa

  • ©Risa Suzuki, Taro Suzuki, Seiichi Ariga, Makoto Iida, and Chuichi Arakawa



Entry Number: 0009


    Ephemeral Melody : Music Played with Wind and Bubbles




    The technology of recording allows music to have repeatability so that we can enjoy music freely. However, the innate characteristic of music as ‘one-off’ is forgotten because of the progressive technology. Originally, music was able to amuse people only at the time performed in a certain place. Also, music had responded to the situation of the places, so music could make the scene alive there. Then, we felt unity through listening to the same music at the same place. It is worthful for human to feel ‘unity’ with each other by listening to the music and to have a ‘one-off’ experience in the ever-changing life.

    “ephemeral melody”  is a novel musical instrument that is played with soap bubbles. We can listen to the unrepeatable music at the time bubble burst through this instrument. It aims to play music that depends on the environment around the instrument rather than play by the electronic devices.


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